Membership Committee

Patricia Makarounas, Committee Chair

Committed to the growth and development of new and existing chamber members. Members of the Ambassador Committee attend ribbon-cutting events and help organize our general membership luncheons.

Workforce Ready Committee

Calvin Bellamy, Committee Chair

Peter Nau, Jr., Committee Chair

The Workforce Ready Committee plays an important role by working with both Hammond, East Chicago School Systems, and local universities as they relate to our business community.  We are committed to strengthening and growing the competitiveness of manufacturing companies in our region. Additionally, the committee discusses the workforce challenges and develops strategies to increase innovation.

Governmental Affairs

Tamera Lienhart, Committee Chair

Organized to discuss local, state, and federal regulations that affect businesses and our economic environment. They arrange for local officials to participate in chamber-sponsored debates, review pertinent legislation and serve as our liaison between the chamber and our elected officials.

Small Business Committee

Juan Moreno, Committee Chair

Recently re-organized to create special networking opportunities for chamber members, the committee has added Business Educating Business and Members Helping Members and continues to host the successful Referral Luncheons.

Special Events Committee

Monica Rubio, Committee Chair

This committee develops events that enhance the networking and Chamber experience. These events are Member's Annual Dinner, Lakeshore Chamber (Annual) Golf Classic, Lakeshore Chamber Business Expo and many more to meet our member's needs.

Committees are an excellent way to meet fellow chamber members. They also act as an ideal way to develop your employees. Through our committee structure, employees are offered an opportunity to enhance their team-building, leadership, and creative thinking skills.

If you are interested in being a part of the chamber committee structure, please call the Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce office @ 931-1000 or send an e-mail message to: Paula Mathis